Romania's President Traian Basescu will address the Parliament on Monday, at 4pm on the current account deficit and a possible foreign loan Romanian might contract, Romanian news agency NewsIn informs.

Basescu sent an official letter to the Parliament's speakers on February 25 announcing his plan to address to the Parliament on March 9. However, the President revealed the themes he will address on March 5: the current account deficit of the country and a possible foreign loan to support Romania's economy to face the crisis.

He explained that the Parliament and the people needed to decide if the government should take up a foreign loan or whether the country would have to deal with the crisis on its own. He declared that the government couldn't impose austerity measures if the people disagree with them.

However, the President's declarations stirred up political reactions. Social Democratic leader Mircea Geoana declared on Saturday that the President should not talk about a possible future loan because this was the problem of the government and not of the presidency.

Geoana declared that an IMF delegation was expected this week and the European Commission has pressed Romania to take up a foreign loan.