I am pleased to address the first uninominal Parliament, Romania's President Traian Basescu declared in the Parliament. Basescu holds a speech in the Parliament addressing important issues like a possible foreign loan and the country's current account deficit.

The most important declarations:

  • Romania has a Government that enjoys a stable Parliamentary majority, a majority for reform
  • The currently coalition gained 70% of the population votes. This majority can represent Romania's chance to deal with the economic crisis
  • Given the crisis, we need even more solidarity
  • The governmental coalition needs to diminish the effects of the crisis, to engage more with the citizens and modernize Romania
  • The economic crisis represents both an opportunity and a risk
  • The main priority should be the state's reform: if reform is not accomplished, no other Government or majority can justify its existence to its citizens
  • A modernized country can overcome the global crisis
  • The Parliament needs to take an active stance in assuring the governmental policy coherence

Basescu on the judicial reform

  • I will talk about trust in the judicial system
  • Even though it's been two years since we joined the EU, we are urged to accomplish all requirements
  • The efficiency of the system needs to be reflected in every day life
  • Long trials discourage citizens to address the courts and encourages self justice
  • We are compelled to correct some aspects of the system through the new Codes

Basescu on the economy

  • Romania faces an economic crisis, due to a budgetary mismanagement, even though the economy had an excellent growth rate
  • Romania pays now for the lack of reform registered in the last couple of years and a lack of administrative modernization
  • In the last years the public sector increased excessively and became a burden for the economy
  • The government failed to help the creation of an independent, wealthy middle class
  • Romania's budgetary deficit exceeded 5% in 2008
  • If we do not take a stand, Romania will not be able to enter the euro zone

Basescu about the economic crisis:

  • Romania is sustained by the European Union
  • Even though the Union has all instruments aimed at helping a country, each country needs to have its own instruments
  • To overcome the crisis, Romanians need to work harder and better
  • Salaries increased in the last years faster than the work productivity
  • We will overcome the crisis only if we reverse this situation
  • Romania does not favor protectionist measures and is against a EU market fragmentation
  • I believe credit conditions should be relaxed
  • The economic crisis will have different effects over different social categories
  • Current social measures do not target in an efficient way the vulnerable categories