Former PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu accused President Basescu on Monday that he speaks as a Prime Minister and not as a President. He added that the President blames others instead of offering solutions and that he lies when he says that there is an IMF condition for a loan from the EU.

Some of his declarations

  • President Basescu came in the Parliament with a political speech, full of accuses, lies and false claims.
  • He talked about budgetary cuts. How does this correlate with a 50% increase in the Presidency's budget?
  • Pensioners are not support by the state. The pension is a right owned by the citizens by paying for it.
  • The President is the perfect chameleon, which we all know for a while now. He talked about the electoral spending that were made last year by the old government and I feel compelled to offer the press all the official letters I have sent pleading not to pass the law to increase salaries for teachers.
  • I think that the Boc government is in a bad situation, as the President plays the role of the Prime Minister
  • The President should have come up with solutions and proposals to limit the effects of the economic crisis
  • There is no IMF condition to access a EU loan. This is a lie.