Romania's national football team is ranked 20 in the world, registering a three places decrease compared to the last hierarchy published by FIFA. With 894 points, Romania's national team is taken aback by nationals of Paraguay, US or Israel.

Spain tops the rank, followed by Germany and Netherlands. On four, Italy outclasses Brazil on five. Here are the first 20 positions in FIFA:

1. Spain1.666 points

2. Germany 1.366p

3. Netherlands 1.317p

4. Italy 1.284p

5. Brazil 1.260p

6. Argentina 1.219p

7. Croatia 1.169p

8. Russia 1.128p

9. England1.083p

10. Portugal 1.025p

11. Turkey 1.009p

12. France 1.004p

13. Czech Republic 998p

14. Ukraine 927p

15. Paraguay 908p

16. Cameroon 900p

17. US 896p

18. Israel 888p

19. Greece 863p

20. ROMANIA 849p.