Romania's President addressed Hungarians living in Romania a message as they celebrated their national day, on March 15. He encouraged them to be proud of being Romanian citizens as well, mentioning that their double identity, that of a Hungarian and a Romania, is easier than ever, a press release of the presidency reads.

Hungarians living in Romania celebrated their National Hungarian day in Romania: the events evoked are related to the Hungarian revolution, part of the revolutionary wave to takeover Europe in 1848-1849 when Europeans were fighting for modernization and national independence.

Hungarian President, Laszlo Solyom was present at the ceremonies on Saturday even though his visit was delayed because Romanian authorities at the International Airport Henri Coanda withdrew the landing permission of the Hungarian presidential airplane.

Romanian authorities recommended Solyom not to attend the ceremonies in Transylvania, central Romania. Sources declared that he was suggested that his visit is not welcomed in this period considering his intention to sustain the Hungarian territorial autonomy.