New reorganization measures of the Interior Ministry enter into force on Monday. Interior minister Dan Nica announced a decrease in the number of management positions: there will be 8 general directions within the ministry and the rest, up to 22, will be reshuffled and transformed to inferior ranks.

The changes aim at reducing the bureaucratic aparatus and will cover the operational deficit, especially that of the police department. Nica explained that the ministry will not lay off its personnel but it will reshuffle ministry's organization.

Out of the 22 deputy general director positions there are only 8 left: of the 43 deputy general director positions 17 were revoked and 10 were transformed to a simple deputy director position, Dan Nica explained.

Moreover, the Interior Ministry gives up some of its anti-doping attributions. Interior Minister Nica declared that the ministry will transfer some anti-doping attributions to the Health ministry, mainly treatment, doctors and their centers.

By the end of the month the Interior ministry plans to implement changes within the Police department, the Customs Police or the General Department of Emergency Situations.