Romania's PM Emil Boc addresses a speech in the Chamber of Deputies on the Government's anti-crisis measures to counter the economic crisis, at the request of the Liberal parliamentary group. presents his main declarations.

Here are some of the most important declarations:

  • The government has an anti-crisis program, he was included and adopted with the 2009 budget and the main measures were introduced in the state budget
  • The program was generated by the external economic crisis and by Romania's financial situation in 2008
  • the external crisis has not reached its peak moment yet
  • the crisis did not originate in Romania but for many Romanians, this does not matter
  • Romania's economic reality in 2008: a 7.8% economic growth rate and a deficit of over 5%
  • The former government did not take advantage of the economic growth to save up some money and spent whatever it could throwing Romania in debt
  • Today, Romania's economy cannot access the money gained in the past from privatizations. Unfortunately, they were wasted
  • European funds: Romania could attract some 4 billion euro but the former government brought only 6% of the money in the country - representing 176 million euro
  • The anti-crisis program aims at launching Romania's economic growth, support the business community to maintain jobs, protect the population and re-launch the idea of credits - the most important problem Romania is currently facing
  • Among the measures taken, the government plans to invest in public infrastructure, with 10 billion euro allocated for it and take up more EU funds