Tiberiu Caraiman, a Romanian living in the US from 1994 is obliged to leave the American territory because of a 12 year old deportation decree, Mediafax informs. The Romanian got in the US with a 60 days tourist visa but shortly submitted requests for political asylum and working permit.

Now aged 45, Caraiman could not talk English very well and his lawyers at the time did not tell him several decisions taken by the Immigration Office. Meanwhile, he married in 1996 with a Romanian woman, with American citizenship and he did not know that a deportation decree existent on his name.

In the last 15 years Caraiman did whatever he could to convince US authorities to allow him to stay in the country. He declared that he never tried to disobey the law and he pays his deeds to the state. His lawyer declared that the file is so old that it cannot be re-opened.

In January, Immigration officers detained Caraiman for one month until his wife managed to pull 10,000 dollars to bail him out.