PSD Senator Miron Mitrea is the first politician to admit, in an interview for and RFI, that Romanian parties pay people to leave comments on the internet. Mitrea declared that he was the one to set up such a rebuttal unit in the Social Democratic Party. Mitrea explained that there is a group of 2-3 people who leave favorable comments for the Social Democratic Party and attack the opposition both on the internet and through SMS on talk shows that allow it.

According to Mitrea, Democrat Liberals are the best at his, with 10 -15 people trained to do it, while the Liberals have only 6-7 people. Mitrea talked about the internet guerrillas after in a meeting with readers, he suspected that some of the questions were orchestrated.

Mitrea said that the Democrat Liberals were the first to use such methods and he does not see anything wrong with the idea to have anonymous propaganda on forums or blogs.