Romania's defeat in its Saturday match against Serbia in the 2010 World Championship preliminaries was seen as a missed chance to grant qualification in the Championship due to Romania's current position in the group. Naturally, reactions after the match were split but one thing seems certain for many: Romania will watch on TV the Championship.

Romania lost the match against Serbia 2 - 3 in Constanta on Saturday, thus decreasing its group score in the 2010 World Championship preliminaries. Its group is dominated by Serbia, Lithuania and France. Romania outscores only the Faeroe Islands and is 12 points behind the first position in the group.

Shortly after the game, however, Romania coach Victor Piturca declared that he was satisfied with the game and explained that the players did the best they could. However, Romania's Football Federation representative, Ionut Lupescu declared that most surely, Romania lost its chance to qualify in the 2010 Championship.

Lupescu explained that Romania would have to win against Austria, Serbia and France to order to qualify. He added that there's no reason to dismiss Victor Piturca, he selected the best people and did his best. At his turn, Piturca is not confident that Romania will manage to qualify in next year's championship. Romania's renowned player, Adrian Mutu declared that the game could have been better but Serbia's players were stronger.