Officers of the Higher Court of Justice stormed into the Football House on Monday morning with an arrest warrant and sealed the office of the Football House chief Gheorghe Constantin, Romanian Television Realitatea TV informs. Anti-graft prosecutors started an investigation of the football match between FC Arges and CS Otopeni, suspected that it was an arranged match.

FC Arges owner Conel Penescu was retained for 24 hours, investigated for bribery. According to the available data so far, it seems that Penescu is investigated in the matches with Gloria Bistrita, FC Brasov and Universitatea Craiova. All arbiters involved in this scandal are A Bogaciu, M. Savaniu and C. Nica.

Currently, both Corner Penescu and his brother, Ilie are interogated at the anti-graft headquarters in Pitesti, South Romania. Penescu declared for Realitatea TV that anti-graft prosecutors need to do their job and that the match against Otopeni was a clean one.


18:45 The Gloria Bistrita and FC Arges match was correct and noone complained about the arbiter. If accusations are true, FC Arges will have to be disqualified, Gaz Metan Medias general director Ioan Horoba declared, quoted by NewsIn.

17:42 I do not think Penescu bribed someone, he had no reasons, Gloria Bitrita leader Jean Padureanu declared for

17:35 Gheorghe Constantin arrived at the anti-graft headquarters in Pitesti, South Romania where he will be interogated regarding the bribery case

17:00 Penescu is not the big prize. The Champions League is another matter. All the million euro prizes come from there, FC Vaslui owner Adrian Porumboiu declared for

15:20 According to Mircea Sandu, Constantin will have to drive to Pitesti, where the investigation is conducted

14:45 Anti-graft prosecutors are still talking with Gheorghe Constantin

I am not involved in any illegal agreements and thus I fear noone and nobody. Club owners need to be investigated as they are the ones committing crimes, not the players.

13:35 Arbiter Mihaita Ianovschi, trainer of the junior team in Pitesti, is also investigated by anti-graft prosecutors: Cornel Penescu's lawyer declared that Ianovschi was promoted with Penescu's help to lead matches in the first league and indirectly help FC Arges, NewsIn informs.

13:22 Universitatea Craiova owner Adrian Mititelu declared for that there are many officials involved in the scandals.

13:10 Penescu is accused of bribing with 54,000 euro and 290,000 Romanian Lei arbiters Aurelian Bogaciu, Marcel Savaniu and Tiberiu Lajos

13:05 Anti-graft search Penescu's property and FC Arges club where they withdraw several documents.

FC Timisoara owner Marian Iancu declared for that there should be evidence if anti-graft prosecutors retained Penescu.