Romanian Football Federation president Mircea Sandu talks in a press conference at 2:30pm about the last scandals hitting Romanian football officials, namely the 24 hour arrest of both Gheorghe Constantin and FC Arges owner Cornel Penescu.

Mircea Sandu declared that he was announced at 7:20 am that Constantin Gheorghe's office at the Football House was sealed. He declared that this affects the image of the Romanian Football Federation.

He added that these things might have been expected as bribery cases were signaled in Poland, Italy or Serbia.He added that he is not involved in any bribery case and thus fears no one and nothing.

Here are his main declarations:

  • Constantin is just talking with anti-graft prosecutors, he has not been detained. The Arbiter Commission is autonomous and only the president of the commission is connected to the Federation. I have been accused of unlawful gains but I have won every trial
  • I am not involved in any illegal agreements and thus I fear noone and nobody. Club owners need to be investigated as they are the ones committing crimes, not the players.
  • I have previously heard from a betting house that a last game of the season will end at a difference of at least three goals which confirmed. I do not agree with foreign arbiters, despite these events
  • It is insane to believe that we can still qualify. I agree to pay Piturca damages but if he does not want to, it's his business.
  • Foreign arbiters should be used in case of emergency. I am waiting for the investigation to end, I am just as curious.