District 1 Bucharest Court judges will decide on Tuesday whether the renowned businessman and Steaua club owner Gigi Becali will be temporary released for the Easter holidays. Becali is currently retained for 29 days at the Penal Direction under the accusation of liberty deprivation.

UPDATE (6:40pm) District 1 Bucharest court judges rejected the temporary release request submitted by Gigi Becali's lawyers.

The same requests were submitted for Becali's employees, Dumitru Beciu, Catalin Zmarandescu, Stefan Dediu and Nicolae Dumitrascu accused in the same file that on 26 January they caught and deprived of liberty three men who stole Becali's car.

The temporary release under judicial control foresees the liberty of the arrested but the latter is obliged to present back if recalled. On April 6 judges rejected Becali's appeal against their decision to issue a 29 days arrest warrant on his name.