Romania's consult to Turin, Iulia Buje was recalled in the country, a Governmental decision reads, two months after she publicly accused Italian Interior minister, Roberto Maroni of illegally employing Romanians.

Other four general consuls will be recalled in the country, according to the quoted decision: Petre Litiu, Romania's consul to Cosenza Italy, Iuliu Aron, Romania's consul to Szeged Hungary, Alexandru Grumaz to Shanghai China and Ion Bistreanu to Sankt Petersburg, Russia. All recalled consuls need to end their mission in 90 days, Mediafax informs.

Buje was involved in scandal two months ago, when she declared for Romanian daily Cotidianul that in 1998 -2000, Maroni called several times at the Romanian consulate in Milan to talk on behalf of three Romanians. Buje, at the time consul to Milan declared that she has personally spoken with Maron who wanted to help three Romanians working for him get their working permits.

However, Buje declared afterwards, for another daily, Adevarul, that her declarations were misinterpreted. She explained that she cannot know whether the Romanians were working for Maroni or were about to and cannot conform if he actually employed illegally those Romanians.