Some 26% of the Romanians declared that they will surely vote in the upcoming European Parliamentary elections while 8% are determined not to vote and 12% are still undecided, a Eurostat survey reveals. Economic growth, inflation and unemployment are the main themes Romanians want to hear about in this EU elections campaign.

According to Eurostat data, 65% of those surveyed would like the European Parliamentary elections campaign to deal with economic growth while 49% with unemployment and 40% with inflation rates. These themes are in line with the priorities of European citizens even if the order differs a bit: unemployment issues are preferred by 57% of the EU citizens while 52% prefer economic growth and 40% inflation debates.

More than half of the respondents declared that the European Parliament should take up a leading role and declared that they are very interested in these elections. 56% of Romanians interviewed expressed their interest concerning these elections while to 53% of all EU citizens declared that they are not interested in EU elections.

The percent of those who expressed their interest is contradicted by the fact that only 30% of the Romanians surveyed know that the elections will be organized in June 2009 while 69% declared that they have no idea when they should vote.

41% of the respondents failed to give a clear answer when prompted about the way European states answered to the global economic crisis. 31% of those surveyed believe that EU states tended to take up an individual stand while 26% declared that EU states had a common position.