European news television Euronews plans to expand by creating a new Romanian channel, Euronews President Philippe Cayla declared in a conference organized to announce the new editorial director, Romanian Lucian Sarb. Sarb is the first Eastern European to receive a high position at Euronews and he takes up this job at a time when the channel plans to expand.

A Romanian channel could be the first South Eastern European language to be used by the news channel and the project could be implemented in one or two years, EuroNews president declared for

According to him, the public will receive information about Europe in Romanian and journalists will be able to work in an international media company. Lucian Sarb declared for that first off, a business plan must be sketched for Romania. He added that he knows the Romanian market very well and is convinced that there will be plenty of professionals willing to work for the television channel.

Cayla declared that Sarb's previous experience will be well received and he is expected to increase audience rates and improve relations with official environments in Eastern Europe. Cayla declared that EuroNews is very interested in the Eastern European market because it is a good opportunity at the moment.

Regarding the economic crisis, Cayla declared that Euronews, for the time being, is not affected by the crisis but that the company is taking a cautious policy in this regard. Euronews plans to become a reference point for Europeans who wish to find out more about the cultural, social and political life.