Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin announced publicly a general amnesty for all those detained during the anti-Communist protests on April 7. The information was diffused through the public national television channel Moldova 1 in its main television news program in Russian, NewsIn informs.

Voronin urged all police authorities to stop all forms of surveillance of those who took part in the recent protests, press agency Omega informs. Voronin declared that, as Easter celebrations are close, all protesters are invited to search peaceful means to speak up. He added that those with previous police records involved in the protests will be detained but all other participants in the April 7 events will be released.

UPDATE Vladimir Voronin declared that the obsessive concer of President Basescu for the Romanians in Bessarabia provokes an inter-ethnic conflict. Voronin declared that President Basescu's tough appreciations and uncensored declarations should be investigated by the EU. Moreover, the EU needs to take full responsibility for the actions for Romania that orchestrated violent protests in another country.

Voronin expressed his hope that, sooner or later, Romania's authorities will understand that geopolitical intrigues need to be left aside since European countries have managed to overcome successfully old historical conflicts. Voronin referred to Poland and Ukraine's bilateral relations or the relations between Lithuania and Poland where the border between them changed along the years, just like in the case of Romania and Moldova.

Voronin declared that Romanians have no right to expand their political authority over citizens in the Republic of Moldova just because the two countries share a common language and historical heritage.

Voronin underlined that President's Basescu's concern for the four million Romanians in Moldova is a clear proof that Romanian has no understanding of the political realities Moldova is facing. Such an attitude ignores the fact that Moldova hosts various other nationals who have equal rights with Moldovans. President Basescu's obsessive concern over Romanians in Bessarabia is just a manifestation of the aggressiveness of the Romanian nationalism and a factor of inter-ethnic challenge.