Four referees, Aurelian Bogaciu, Tiberiu Lajos, Sorin Corpordean and Marcel Savaniu will be interrogated on Thursday, by anti-graft prosecutors in Pitesti, South Romania in the corruption cases involving FC Arges football club owner Cornel Penescu and former head of the Central Commission of Referees, Gheorghe Constantin.

Marcel Lica, ex vice president of the Central Commission of Referees, who took up Constantin's position as temporary president resigned after his name appeared in the newspapers connected with the scandals. Lica is expected to join the referees at anti-graft prosecutors' headquarters today.

All those investigated are suspected of bribe taking. Both Penescu and Constantin received, on April 14, a 29 day arrest warrant. The same decision was taken for Liviu Facaleata, Penescu's hypermarket PIC general director.