Moldovan youngsters organizing the protests last week in the Republic of Moldova took a stand against the Communist rule and pleaded for a reunification with Romania, a country which shares their language and history, Liberation reads.

Moldovan Hyde Park movement member Irina had a Romanian flag and yelled "We want to reunite with Romania and Europe". As a reaction, Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin accused Romania of being involved in the organization of protests and expelled Romania's Ambassador to Chisinau.

Nevertheless, the Romanian problem is not a real one in Moldova, Moldovan analyst Eugen Revenco declared. All recent opinion polls revealed that over 80% of Moldovans prefer to have their own state, independent of Romania. It is just a minority who wants reunification.

Historically, the Romanian modern state formed in the 19th century, without the Republic of Moldova that was part of the Russian empire at the time, Moldovan historian Igor Casu said. It as only in 1918 that Romania and Moldova formed a unitary state. However, the experience was not long but it had a lot of significance, the historian explained.