Renowned business man and Steaua football club owner, Gigi Becali was temporary released under judicial control by Bucharest Tribunal judges, news televisions inform. Becali declared on Friday at a third appeal that he wants to spend Easter with his family.

However, Becali is not allowed to leave Bucharest or Ilfov county without an approval of the investigators and needs to present in front of the court whenever he is summoned to. Moreover, he is not allowed to talk to the victims in the file.

Becali declared that he wishes to thank all TV media trusts of defending him. He declared that his arrest was another experience for him, and a good thing. He declared that he has changed while detained. Moreover, he expressed his concern that his bodyguards are still in arrest and have not been released even though they are not guilty.

Becali was accused of illegal deprivation of liberty and was temporary retained on April 3 and on April 6 an arrest warrant for 29 days was issued on his name.