Memories from the Golden Age, a Romanian collective movie written and produced by renowned Romanian director Cristian Mungiu and Police officer. Adjective by another famous Romanian producer Corneliu Porumboiu, were selected for the International Film Festival in Cannes in Un certain regard section, Mediafax informs.

Memories from the Golden Age is produced by Cristian Mungiu, previous winner of Palme D'or in 2007. The movie portrays the most known Romanian urban legends from the 80s revealing the humor that lifted up the nation's spirits during the period.

Police officer. Adjective, initially called Intermediary tells the story of a police officer from a small city. He is obliged to investigate a minor case and in the process the police officer realizes that he stopped believing in his duty.

The comedy was produced this year, in Vaslui, Porumboiu's city of birth. The two Romanian movies will be screened within the eighth edition of the international film festival in May 29 - June 7.