MEP Laszlo Tokes declared that the Romanian government has a secret plan to populate those counties in Harghita and Covasna, dominated by the Hungarian minority with citizens from the Republic of Moldova. Moreover, he accused Romanian politicians like Adrian Severin for using the recent protests in Moldova to legitimize territorial claims, Mediafax informs.

Romania's National Hungarian Council President, Laszlo Tokes finds appalling the fact that several Romanian politicians are trying to use the recent events in the Republic of Moldova to legitimate territorial claims, a press release reads.

Tokes declared that Romanian MEP Adrian Severin spread in the European Parliament, in late March, invitations for the so called historical conference on which Moldova was attached to the Romanian map.

Tokes declared that there is a secret governmental program aimed at populating central Romania, more precisely those regions where the Hungarian minority dominates with citizens from the Republic of Moldova.