10, 000 national railroad workers are expected to attend a protest in Bucharest started in Bucharest, at the Transports ministry headquarters, followed by a march to the Government's premises. The protest is legal, approved by the local City Hall. Currently, protesters are gathering on the Bucharest North Station premises and will march to Victoria Square starting 12:30 pm.

From the Transports ministry, protesters will march towards the Government's premises, in Victoria Square through Calea Grivitei - Polizu - Buzesti - Government. However, they do not have authorization to stand in front of the government.

Protesters plan to occupy the Bucharest North train station after 3 pm when their protest authorization expires. Union representative Ion Molea declared that he announced that the protest will not be legal after 3 pm but he declared that the people will do whatever they wish. Moreover, he added that their plan is to occupy the train station and wait for the Prime Minister.

Both the government and the Transports ministry received a petition containing the main requirements of the protesters: they urge authorities to stop firing up people in the three companies of CFR, the national railroad company, for those who are not about the retire. Moreover, the Romanian state should stop the technical decline of the railroads in Romania.

Some solutions need to be found to cancel CFR Infrastructure debts and acquirement electrical energy straight from suppliers, the petition reads. Last but not least, the railroads need to be modernized.

Romania's Transports ministry announced unions on March 20 that they will lay off some 12,139 people in the railroad system.

UPDATE: The 10,000 railroad workers refuse to follow the authorized march and are currently blocking Victoria Square, protesting in front of the government. Meanwhile, union representatives are meeting government representatives to present a petition with their requests. Police forces are trying to convince the crowd to stick with the authorized schedule.