Some 794 swine flu cases are confirmed across the world but none in Romania, Romanian Health Ministry State Secretary Aurel Nechita informed this weekend, presenting a European Center for Virus Control report. 23 people lost their life due to the virus that spread to 20 countries already. In Mexico there were 568 cases, US 226 and Canada 101.

Among EU countries, Spain registered 44 cases and Great Britain 18. In Germany, another two cases were conformed on Sunday, raising the number of cases to 8. New cases sprang in Austria and Hong Kong.

Other confirmed cases:

Columbia - 1 case

South Korea - 1 case

Costa Rica - 4

Denmark - 1

France - 2

Israel - 4

Ireland - 1

Italy - 2

New Zealand - 4

Salvador - 2

Switzerland - 1

Netherlands - 1

Moreover, all countries are investigating possible swine flu cases. In Romania 33 people returning from countries were confirmed not to have contacted the virus. Romania's Health ministry decided that, started Saturday, it will set up a permanent information service. Plus, a public information campaign will be launched, to inform the population on the way it can prevent contacting the virus and what are the symptoms.