Education Unions are scheduled to meet on Monday with Education Minister Ecaterina Andronescu and Finance Minister Gheorghe Pogea after they announced that, on Tuesday they will enter into a general strike, blocking the exams scheduled for the same day across the country. Professors protest against the governmental ordinance that is blocking salaries until the end of the year and the recent budgetary modification that cut important funds from the Education budget.

In this context, professors will have to choose between lay offs or 20% salary cuts, Union members declared. Union representatives announced before the meeting that they are willing to give up the general strike if laws will be respected.

The government, according to them, issued several abusive and unjustified ordinances, blocking the laws ruling a 50% salary increase for professors, NewsIn informs. Education minister declared that if talks will not reach an agreement, the ministry will re-schedule the national exam due on Tuesday for May 28 - 4 June.