I assume, together with the political class, the mistake of passing the law ruling a 50% salary increase for professors: this law, due to the economic crisis, cannot be implemented any more, Romania's President Traian Basescu declared in a press conference on Monday. He added that, when the law was passed, politicians had no idea that the economic environment will affect Romania so much.

Traian Basescu about the professor's strike

  • the protests are the direct consequence of the failure of the political class and are not triggered by students or parents. Moreover, I think that the dispute between unions on the one hand and professors and parents on the other hand should move towards a dispute between professors and the political class
  • I assume the failure to implement the law ruling a 50% of professors' salaries
  • The constitutional right to protest must not transform in a right to affect the lives of hundreds of children

Traian Basescu about justice and salary benefits

  • Benefits increased in the last years and so a great number of state employees win trials against the state, demanding such benefits
  • the Judicial authority exceeds its attributions by breaching the principle of separation of powers and this phenomenon needs to be investigated
  • I signaled the Constitutional Court to investigate such cases
  • Romania's President needs to monitor to the well functioning of the institutions of the state
  • The judicial power undermined the power of the Executive by allocating budget resources, which is not one of its attributions

Traian Basescu about the excessive deficit procedure

  • I want to single out the European Commission's decision to launch the excessive deficit procedure for Romania - this points to the cruel and painful reality of  Romania's budget
  • In the interest of the nation, each citizen needs to be aware of the economic difficulties: both professors, magistrates and politicians that believe that budget resources are never-ending
  • We have the power to overcome such a difficult moment if we will be realistic