Education unions announced that protests are suspended and tomorrow pupils will be able to take their Romanian language and literature thesis. Government representatives, present at negotiations put forward a new proposal and all four national unions signed the agreement.

Labor minister Marian Sarbu declared that an agreement contract on 10 points was signed. He added that the government did its duty. Union representatives declared that the agreement stands as long as the government will keep up the promises.

The agreement foresees three essential points: a 6% of GDP budget for Education, the laws on salaries and on decentralization, union representative Liviu Pop declared. Education minister Ecaterina Andronescu declared that in a discussion with PM Emil Boc he agreed to assume the agreement and the document will be cosigned by the Prime Minister.

Andronescu added that dialogue can solve everything unlike confrontation. At his turn, Sarbu said that there will be no lay offs in education. Two days ago professors decided to give up protests as negotiations with government officials were undergoing.