Romanian Justice minister Catalin Predoiu declared, during the Senate's Judicial Committee on the reform of the justice system, that the reform of the judicial codes transformed into a political dispute rather than a technical one. The Romanian Justice ministry is on schedule with the measures that need to be taken exclusively by the ministry but magistrates need to change their mentality before any reforms can be undertaken, Predoiu said.

Predoiu declared that the debate around the four judicial codes transferred from a technical, specialized discussion into a mediatized political dispute which undermined the importance of the topic in the eyes of the citizens.

Here are some of the most important declaration:

  • it is clear that Romania's justice system needs the new judicial codes and it seems that nobody denied it. However, the attitude of the political class and the excessive political conflicts over the codes affected its credibility. The lack of political honesty of those involved in such disputes will affect the evaluation of the codes themselves.
  • In 2008 nobody talked about the codes even though experts were working at them for over ten years and drafts were published on the Justice ministry's website
  • I cannot agree with the government that the government's duty is to inform all citizens about such normative texts which are complex and highly specialized. The codes are open to the public for those interested.
  • The public debate is important, and I come from the private sector where I learned what the political decisions mean. I urge the political class to reach a compromise so that these judicial projects be adopted.