Romania's House of Deputies decided on Wednesday to send the letter received by Romania's General Prosecutor Laudra Codruta Kovesi to the Regulations Committee within the Parliament. Kovesi urged the House of Deputies to organize a new vote on the file in which former PSD PM Adrian Nastase was accused of corruption.

Social Democratic Deputies, supported by their Liberal and Hungarian Democratic counterparts contested the request of the general prosecutor and voted against the legality of the letter. Therefore, the letter was sent to the House of Deputies Regulations Committee to decide whether the general prosecutor's request is legal.

Adrian Nastase declared that Kovesi's request is not legal and even more, that it represents an offense to the Parliament and a dangerous precedent undermining the rule of law and democracy. Nastase said that both the Judicial and the Regulations Committees within the Parliament should decide whether the letter is legal or not.

Romania's General Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi sent an official letter to the House of Deputies urging Deputies to take up another vote on the Zambaccian 1 file, in which former Social Democratic PM Adrian Nastase is investigated for corruption. On August 13, 2008 Deputies decided that Nastase should not be investigated.

However, the Constitutional Court decided on October 2008 that the internal rules in the House of Deputies regarding the necessary number of votes needed to approve an investigation of a fellow Parliamentarian is unconstitutional. Therefore, the new internal regulations rule that, instead of two thirds of the votes, only a half plus one majority is needed to rule in such cases.