Romanian Ministry of Public Finance (MFP) sent a list of documents to, comparing taxes with other EU member States. This comes after MFP has been rumoured to levy a minimum tax without previous research.

The minimum income tax analysis shows that Austria, Belgium and France have a form of minimum tax. Germany exercises a 15% tax on profit, plus a 14% local duty. Slovakia charges the profit with 19%, but the dividends are not taxable. The Bulgarian income tax is lower: 10%. For the majority of the EU member states, the income is taxed with 20%, but with special deductions in several departments.

Regarding the individuals’ salaries, Belgium practices a 25% - 50% tax. It varies in Malta: from 0 to 35%. Bulgaria and Slovakia are the only countries in the EU to enforce a unique income tax: 10 % and 19%, respectively.

Romanian taxes have quite a low level for spirits, cigarettes and gasoline compared with other EU member states, according to the document entitled "Comparative tax situation" (Situatie comparativa accize). When it comes to champagne, 10 EU states do not enforce taxes, but Romania is not among them. As far as fuels go, Romania records the second lowest level for leadless gasoline, following Cyprus

In the case of VAT, EU states have at least two different quotas, paying it either monthly or every trimester.