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Traian Basescu: The EU must accept Russia the way  it is, asking for predictability and a minimum economic efficiency in return

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Marţi, 26 mai 2009, 10:48 English | Top News

"Romania is part of the successful EU enlargement", Romanian President Traian Basescu said at the Europe-Russia Economic Forum taking place in Bucharest. The EU energy security and Russia’s role are the two themes of the Forum. President Basescu said Russia was "the biggest and most important neighbour, but also the most challenging", and the EU "will have to convince Russia to cooperate".

Here are President Traian Basescu’s main statements:

  • we’re honoured to be the host of this event in a moment when we need critical analysis, discussions, consultancy and evaluations more than ever
  • the EU has created the first world economy through common effort
  • the uniqueness of the EU also consists in its intelligence and generosity of reaching out to ex-opponents
  • the EU started its East European expansion 20 years ago, after the Iron Curtain fell
  • The Central and East European countries had to be given the chance to change radically
  • Romania is also part of the successful EU enlargement
  • After being an isolated country, Romania has become part of the Occident again by joining the EU and NATO
  • Russia is the biggest and most important neighbour, but also the most challenging. The list of disagreements is quite long
  • Russia is the third most important trade EU partner; the main trade exchanges are Russian gas and oil exports
  • the bilateral cooperation is structured into four important chapters: economic and environmental issues, international security, research and education, domestic business and justice
  • the most important issues regarding the cooperation with Russia relate to the neighbouring region, East Europe and the Black Sea
  • we face irreconcilable issues here regarding Russia’s unilateral recognition of Abkhazia’s and South Ossetia’s independence
  • we also have the parallel energy projects and Moscow reticence regarding the Black Sea synergy and the Eastern partnership
  • the EU will have to strive and convince Russia to cooperate and to involve Russia in partnerships, and this must be achieved with a certain distrust in mind
  • the attacks on Georgia and the gas crisis have shaken the trust in Russia
  • together with Russia, we’ll have to build not spheres of influence, but of trust
  • the EU must accept Russia the way  it is, asking for predictability and a minimum economic efficiency in return
  • the global crises pushes more and more toward a collaboration between the European Union and Russia
  • the EU – Russia cooperation works with satisfaction on both sides
  • the Black Sea must be a destiny for unity, not for separation
  • the European Union encourages the cooperation outside its borders
  • we can enjoy together the same peace and economic cooperation

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