There have been 12 954 swine flu cases confirmed in a total of 46 countries, claiming 91 lives according to the World Health Organisation.

The United States record the highest number of patients diagnosed with swine flu: 6764, 10 of which have died. Mexico follows, counting 4174 cases, of which 80 deaths. Canada is third with 921 swine flu cases and one death. Japan sees 350 swine flu patients and no death. Great Britain quarantines 137 patients with swine flu and records no death. Spain follows closely with 136 cases and also no death.

In Australia, 2.000 passengers are being held in quarantine on a cruise ship, suspected of infection with the H1N1 virus, according to AFP.

Bulgaria signalled 15 swine flu suspects, but none was confirmed so far. On the other hand, Turkey saw two infection cases, and Greece confirmed one.