Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc declared on Thursday that one of the Government mid-term aims was to increase the country’s energy independence. "The strategy for energy must be part of the defence strategy", the Prime Minister said during the "Companies vs. national energy companies" seminar.

Here are several declarations Prime Minister made on Thursday:

  • the Government’s medium term aim is to increase Romania’s energy independence by raising the domestic energy production
  • the government also seeks to reduce the dependence on a unique energy import source
  • it aims to provide a common policy for energy security within the European Union
  • it aims to promote a national energy identity meant to support the three objectives and to correlate Romania’s inner energy policy with the country’s European duties
  • the strategy for energy must be part of the defence strategy
  • Romania needs to start off with thorough research of its resources and to design a strategy until 2020-2030, to correlate national and European investments
  • the Nabucco project was granted European financial support
  • our current production structure, unique in Europe, sets a competitive market for the electric energy, the electric energy produced in the thermal power stations with the energy produced in hydra-electric and nuclear power station
  • In reality, there is no real competition, because the system favours the hydra-energy and nuclear energy producers
  • we have to use a mix of energies within each of the future production societies
  • we will create a limited number of strong, viable societies able to compete with companies within the EU
  • regarding the nuclear energy sector, the Government aims to create two more groups at Cernavoda  and to consider constructing another nuclear power station
  • we will not neglect the other European projects which are now under discussion
  • Romania has a strategic advantage in owning an important position in each of these projects.