Romanian companies’ managers expect a drop in the number of employees in all economic sectors for the next three months (May – June). The greatest losses would be in the manufacturing sector and retail, according to a National Statistics Office (INS) statistics. A moderate drop in retail and services commerce and a relative stability in the manufacturing and construction sectors are also featured in the forecast.

Romanian companies’ managers estimates for May indicate a relative stability of the production volume for manufacturing industry. This is the sector told to record the greatest rise in unemployment. INS appreciates that the metallurgy department, the coal-carbonization plants, the production of furniture and oil processed products will see the most important staff losses.

Retail will record a relatively moderate loss in the number of jobs, the managers predict. The unemployment in this case will depend on the demand. The production volume will remain relatively stable.

The construction sector will see more unemployment as well, for the next three months. The prices and the work volume are not expected to drop, though.

Regarding services, the managers expect to see a lower business figure and a rise in the unemployment, affecting mostly the small and the big enterprises.

The INS statistics used 2.070 economic agents, 1.258 construction companies, 2.687 retail companies and 2.081 retail companies. The statistics have a +/- 5% chances of error.