The Dutch Ambassador in Bucharest Jaap Werner said that maximum efforts have been made in Romania for a most confused European elections campaign. His statement was made during a debate about youth taking part in the June 7 elections.

"I would be disappointed if the participation rate was only 30% because Romania has plenty to gain from its EU membership and a great deal of money come in Romania from the EU" the Dutch diplomat said.

Werner was quoting the latest European Parliament public inquiry that indicated that 30% of the Romanians will vote on June 7, when the European parliament elections take place. Werner said he would be very disappointed if the youth participation rates, predicted by the document, were to come true: out of the 18 to 24 year-olds, 15% of men and 13% of women are likely to take part in the June elections, according to CSOP research manager Silviu Matei. "The youth have to be aware that they can shape the country and Europe", the ambassador said

He said the campaign in Romania was not convincing, nor did it encourage the youth to get out and vote. "The themes are national and the politicians already started the presidential campaign. Too soon, in my opinion. There have been maximum efforts to have the most confused campaign possible. This is not a European elections campaign, it is a presidential campaign. The inhabitants of Bucharest’s zone 5 probably believe they are voting Vanghelie for the European Parliament" Werner opinionated on the electoral posters from the capital’s zone 5 – the local mayor is featured on the campaign posters under the pretext he’s supporting Adrian Severin.

The ambassador added that there was no difference between the agendas of the parties taking part in the European elections. All themes were national. He was also surprised that the parties did not agree to discuss European issues.

Political analyst Andi Lazarescu explained that political parties did not give enough attention to the European elections and that the sociologist expect around 20-22% of the Romanians to vote on June 7. "EU is a complicated debate matter, which refers to the intellect, not the emotional side" Lazarescu considers.

According to the Dutch Ambassador, all Romanian parties have identical approach in regards to the European themes. There are no eurosceptic politicians in Romania most probably because none of them have real knowledge about the EU, he believes. UE has transferred it suzerainty over Romania much too easily and without almost any debate, after Romania has been enjoying freedom and democracy for quite some time, he noted.