The swine flu virus changed its seasonality and is resistent to heath so we should expect the worse if the virus will spread, Romanian Infectious Diseases Institute director Adrian Streinu Cercel declared. He added that, in theory, the virus was known to be transmittable in the winter time but its structure modified and became resistent to heath.

Streinu Cercel declared that the virus has a 60% swine structure, a 20% aviary virus structure and a 20% human structure.

Here are his most important declarations:

  • we know that the virus can get resistent every time there is a new swine flu case, but we hope this will not be the case
  • most swine flu cases were detected in Great Britain and Spain. Most cases were registered in the Southern part of Europe, which means that the virus became resistent to heath
  • Currently the London institute is undertaking tests to define the structure of the virus. The Romanian Cantacuzino Institute is a reference point for South Eastern Europe
  • There are 34 new cases in Europe and a total of 456. Of which, 200 were registered within Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany and Belgium
  • Some 70% of the cases are mild forms of the virus: they manifest 2-3 days and do not require treatment while 28% are medium level infections and 1-2% require intensive care.