Wines from "The New World" (USA, Australia, South Africa and Chile) once challenging the wines from the "Old World" have now to face their own competitors. Ask Men website’s survey places Romania on the third place in world wine top, Reutersquotes. According to the survey, Romanian wines are becoming important for the world’s alcohol market.

A new generation of wine producers have returned to their countries of origin after gaining international experience. They are reinvigorating the wine industry, using climate change and global warming to their advantage, the website goes on to show.

"Like Greece, Romania has a 3.000 years history of wine production. What might come as a surprise is the fact that this country remains one of the world’s greatest wine producers, with more than 500.000 tones annually. The main wine-growing regions are Cotnari, Tarnave, Murfatlar and Dealu Mare. Despite the fact that most local grape sorts have been destroyed by diseases, the modern wine production using established sorts deserve to be tasted", the source reads.

The first podium position went to Switzerland, the second to Ukraine, and following Romania are Canada, Brazil and England.