Cantacuziono Institute representatives declared on Monday that there were two more cases of swine flu in Romania: a 28 year-old woman, who recently returned from New York, and her mother.

The patients are in a good physical shape for the moment, according to the doctors. They started an epidemiologic investigation to find out who else has been in contact with the two women.

There are five confirmed cases of swine flu infections in Romania. The newest two are not related with the first three. The first swine flu case from Romania was announced on May 27. A 30 year-old woman, also returned from New York, was tested positive for AH1N1 virus. Several hours later, two members of her family were diagnosed with swine flu.

Tests are currently sent to a specialised lab from London, Great Britain.

Romanian Ministry of Health will be holding a press conference today, starting 2 P.M.