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Another confirmed A(H1N1) virus case in Romania

de A.C.
Miercuri, 3 iunie 2009, 12:06 English | Top News

A young man from Bucharest, Romania's capital city was confirmed with swine flu after contacting it from the 28 year old woman returning from New York last week with swine flu, a press release of the Romanian Health ministry informs. So far, there were six confirmed cases in Romania.

Currently the man is hospitalized in Bucharest, at the Matei Bals Infectious Disease Institute. The other presumed swine flu case in Cluj, central Romania was not confirmed. In the last 24 hours, at the European level, there were 27 new swine fly cases. The new cases were registered in Great Britain, 11, Switzerland with 4, Italy 4 and another 3 in Germany, and one case in Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

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