Two new confirmed cases of A/H1N1 virus were confirmed on Thursday by the Romanian Cantacuzino Institute, a Romanian Health ministry press release informs on Thursday. The two cases are connected with the previous discovered swine flu cases.

One of the two persons contacted the virus from the 30 year old woman coming from the US. The two are currently hospitalized at the National Infectious Diseases Institute, Matei Bals in Bucharest and their health condition is currently good.

So far authorities conducted tests for 160 people and only 8 were positive. In order to avoid any misunderstanding regarding the medical procedures, the ministry decided to present the methodology of surveillance and management on A/H1N1 cases. The decision comes after a quarantined young man revealed to the press the indifferent attitude he faced in the last days from the medical personnel at Matei Bals, the Infectious Disease Institute.