You consolidated Romania's foreign policy and served the country by fighting in Iraq, Romania's President Traian Basescu declared in a speech to the Romanian soldiers ending their mission in Iraq on Thursday in Tallil, Iraq, Romanian news agency NewsIn informs.

Basescu declared that their mission in Iraq marked the development of Romania's relations with Iraq and its commitment, as a NATO member to support Iraq's reconstruction. Basescu underlined that the moment will be marked in the history of the Romanian army as the first accomplished mission of the country abroad in the last 60 years.

He took the opportunity to thank the soldiers for their commitment and perseverance. Basescu evoked the memory of those soldiers who died during the mission in Iraq, Bogdan Hancu and Ioan Grosaru, together with the other 14 injured soldiers during the six years.

President Basescu reiterated an appeal to Romanian investors to replace the Army in Iraq in order to support the country's reconstruction. The Romanian soldiers will end their mission on July 31. Romania deployed some 6,830 soldiers in Iraq during 2003 - 2009.