Moldovans need to prove they have 500 euro in their bank account, on top of all other paperwork to get a Romanian visa, Moldovan website Stirea Zilei informs, quoting a Romanian consulate official. According to the website, the Romanian consulate official declared that the bank account proof is mandatory for all those requiring a visa. However, Romanian Foreign Affairs minister blatantly contradicts the consulate and clarifies that the information is a manipulation attempt.

UPDATE The financial requirement appears on the Romanian Embassy website, together with the list of the other requirements needed to obtain a visa.

According to the quoted website, the only exception to the rule are students who travel in groups for holiday purposes. Even they need an official invitation from the hotel or the institution where they will be accommodated. The new conditions entered into force on May 15 due to the EU requirements, the quoted source reads.

Romania's Foreign Affairs minister Cristian Diaconescu qualified the information as a manipulation adding that Romania imposed a visa regime for Moldova once our country join the EU but they are free of charge.

Moldovan citizens will have to pay for their visa once Romania enters Schengen, scheduled for March 2011: only then Romania will be compelled to charge a 60 euro fee for a visa with one entrance and 120 euro for multiple entrances.