The European parliamentary elections started yesterday with Great Britain and Holland recording a significant absence at the polls, AFP informs. According to an Apco-La Tribune-BFM survey, nearly two thirds of the European citizens say they’re very little or not at all interested in the Sunday’s elections. The survey was carried out by Opinionway and it belongs to the French newspaper.

73% of the French population and 67% of the German population are not interested in the present European elections. Regarding the economic crisis, 58% of the Europeans involved in the survey believe that each country took its own measures to cope with the financial crisis. Only 30% say that the EU tried to come up with a joint solution. 63% of the French and 62% of the Poles say the EU member states act on their own.

The survey was carried out between May 26 to 29, 2009, involving 4,536 persons, all over 18 years of age, French, British, German, Italian and Polish citizens.

On Friday, the polls are open for Czech and Irish voters while Romania is among the19 states to open polls on Sunday, June 7.