69 countries reported 21,940 swine flu infection cases and 125 deaths until Friday, according to the last World Health Organisation survey released today. In Romania, there are 9 cases. Romanian minister of Health Ion Bazac says that a vaccine against the AH1N1 virus could be produced in Romania in September or October if the virus root will be isolated by end of June, according to WHO estimates, Romanian press agency Mediafax informs.

The root could not be isolated until now because it mutates very quickly. But the number of suspects that can be tested is limited. Romania received nearly 1,000 swine flu tests, according to minister Bazac. He seems confident that by the time the stock runs out, WHO will send some more.

The limited number of tests will allow only the investigations of the persons showing clear signs of swine flu. According to Bazac, the persons without definite symptoms, but who came in contact with a patient tested positive, should rest in quarantine for seven days, to avoid infecting others.

Ukraine was the last country to confirm its first swine flu case, on Friday, AFP informs. The patient is a men recently returned from the US.