Romanians living or travelling outside their country voted for the Romanian European Parliamentary candidates until Monday, June 8, 7AM (Romanian time). The last polls to close were on the US West Coast. According to the information received from the international Romanian delegations, there were approximately 13,500 Romanians voting outside the Romanian borders, the Romanian Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MAE) informs. The last voting sections to close were in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Portland.

The time difference made the last voter from June 7 to be Marioara Oprescu. She was no. 144 on the voting lists in Las Vegas, USA. She used to be a tailor for luxury fashion houses and she also worked for the last American First Lady, Barbara Bush.

According to the official data, there were approximately 13,500 Romanian citizens voting outside Romania up until 7AM (Romanian time) today. The official figures will be made public during Monday. MAE says there was no particular incident during the voting yesterday.