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European Parliamentary Elections

UPDATE BEC, 5PM: PSD-PC Alliance – 31.07%, PDL – 29.71% 

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Luni, 8 iunie 2009, 9:50 English | Top News

Rezultatele europarlamentarelor
5 PM  Romania’s Central Electoral Office announced at 5 PM the new partial results of the European Parliament elections. Here are the new ranks:

  • PSD-PC Alliance: 31.07% (1,504,218 votes);
  • PDL: 29.71% (1,438,000 votes);
  • PNL: 14.52% (702,974 votes);
  • UDMR: 8.92% (431,739 votes);
  • PRM: 8.65% (419,094 votes);
  • Elena Basescu, independent candidate: 4.22% (204,280 votes);
  • PNTCD: 1.45% (70,427 votes);
  • Abraham Pavel, independent candidate: 1.03% (49,864 votes);
  • The Civic Force: 0.40% (19,436 votes).
The total number of people voting on the Romanian lists is 5,035,297, standing for 27.67% from the total number of Romanian citizens with the right to vote (18,197,316). There were: 4,840,032 valid votes – 96.12%, and 194,621 invalid votes – 3.86%.

BEC has officially closed the counting, until it will receive the rest of the results. The updated results will be announced on Tuesday, June 9, 1 PM (local time).

11AM: Romanian Central Electoral Office (BEC) announced on Monday morning, at 11AM, the new partial results for the European Parliamentary elections. Here are the latest results:

  • Social Democratic Party(PSD) in alliance with the Conservative Party: 30.82% - 1,427,085 votes;
  • Liberal Democratic Party (PDL): 29.75% - 1,377,488 votes;
  • National Liberal Party (PNL): 14.53% - 672,780 votes;
  • National Union of the Hungarians from Romania (UDMR): 9.07% - 419,992 votes;
  •  Romania Mare Party (PRM): 8.68% - 401,908 votes;
  • Elena Basescu, independent candidate: 4.22% - 195,608 votes;
  • National Peasants Party - Christian Democrats (PNTCD): 1.48% -67,945 votes;
  • Abraham Pavel, independent candidate: 1.02%- 47,557votes;
  • Civic Force: 0.40% - 18,662 votes.

There were 4,629,316 Romanians citizens voting on June 7, amounting for 27.40% of the Romanians eligible to vote. The total number of valid votes is 4,450,330 – 96.13% and the total number for invalid votes is 178,415 or 3.18%.

The next results will be announced later this morning

AFP: The Right wing is returning to the EP

Romania Mare Party (PRM) returns to the European scene, after failing in 2007, France Presse Agency informs on Monday. After Romania joined the EU in January 2007, PRM was represented among the Romanian observers, which led to the creation of a political formation entitled "Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty". It was dissolved in November 2007, after five of its representatives dropped their membership.

According to AFP, the first mandates might go to Romanian Corneliu Vadim Tudor, accused of xenophobia by his revilers, and to the owner of Steaua Bucuresti football club, Gigi Becali, politician and businessman who made the object of several investigations addressing corruption and person sequestration.

The turnout for the elections on June 7, 2009 was 27.21% slightly lower than the turnout on November, 2007 – 28.38%, according to BEC.  


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