The Brazilian marine announced on Sunday that they found 15 more bodies belonging to the passengers from the Rio-Paris flight that crushed last week in the Atlantic Ocean, BBC informs. All 228 passengers on board of Airbus 330 died in the accident.

There have been 17 bodies retrieved until now. The Brazilian authorities said four were men and two were women, without mentioning anything about the other bodies. The bodies were taken to a military base in Fernando de Noronha islands. They will be taken to Recife, Brazil, where a temporary morgue will be set up.

According to BBC, the families of the victims already donated DNA samples to help identify the bodies.

The Brazilian and French ship in the region retrieved several parts belonging to Air France aircraft. The parts were found 1000km North-East from Fernando de Noronha islands, from where the plane transmitted the last signals. There are six ships and 14 planes from France, Brazil and the US taking part in the search mission.

A Brazil marine spokesperson said the rescue teams are resuming their search, despite the unfavourable weather. He said there were about 100 objects seen on the crush spot, among which Air France seats and oxygen masks.

The authorities said their main investigation focus is set on possible malfunctions of the speed sensors, which led to inappropriate information several minutes before the plane disappeared off the radars.