According to the data centralised by the Romanian Minister for Foreign Affairs (MAE), the Liberal Democratic Party raised 5,112 votes, followed by PNL with 2,159 mandates. The PSD-PC Alliance ranked third, with 2,048 votes. Elena Basescu, independent candidate, got forth with 1,516 mandates. PRM obtained 1,383 votes, UDMR – 986 votes, PNTCD – 282, Pavel Abraham – 193 and the Civic Force – 90 votes.

Romanian authorities set up 190 voting sections outside the Romanian borders for the European Parliament elections. 400,000 voting bulletins have been issued for the Romanian Diaspora. There were 14.330 Romanians coming out to vote in the Diaspora. A number of 13, 769 valid voting bulletins were recorded, MAE informs.

Romanian citizens outside Romania concluded voting on Monday, June 8, 7AM. The last votes were cast on the US West Coast, in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Portland.