A Bucharest court discusses on Tuesday a request by Romanian businessman-politician Gigi Becali, who was elected member of the European Parliament in the Sunday elections, to lift a ban for him to leave the country.

The interdiction was applied on his release from prison this spring, when he's been arrested in a case in which, according to prosecutors, Becali had his guards retain a group of men who had stolen his car.

"I will go to Brussels to take over the term given to me by popular will, what is the problem?", Becali said on Tuesday. "I'll tell them there (in the European Parliament): misters, three thieves have stolen my car, I've forgiven them, I gave them whiskey and cognac and I recovered by car. And so you can see that the European Parliament would never accept my immunity be lifted", Becali said.

He added that he employed ten aides to help him with the EP job. On Monday, he said that while he found it difficult to speak English, he would learn it in a month so he can deal with the work in the EP.