Romania's prime minister Emil Boc exploded following a TV intervention on Sunday night, calling a journalist "bloody punk". The incident caused the Romanian Press Club to condemn the language used by Boc, which it calls unjustifiable.

Boc was invited to make live statements during a talk-show broadcast by Romanian news channel Antena 3 on Sunday evening, when exit polls were announced for the European Parliament elections. Antena 3 is known for its critical stance towards Emil Boc's party, the Liberal Democrats (PD-L).

When the intervention ended, the camera, which was still on, shows Emil Boc saying one of the journalists attending the show, Victor Ciutacu, was a "bloody punk". Boc and Ciutacu had a confrontational dialogue during the show.

Ciutacu had been called names by politicians in the past - once by President Traian Basescu.

The Romanian Press Club condemned Boc's language in a press release on Tuesday, saying it was unjustifiable and beyond the standards and responsibilities of a public official in a civilized, democratic European country.